Exchanging Dollars for Some Quality Gaming Time

Too good to be true. Too pure for this world. Yes, I know I am exaggerating, but these cards hold all the [free] time I have. 

To all PlayStation owners, you know what I’m talking about.These gift cards are basically part of my school allowance, so they are treasures that need wise-spending at the PlayStation store. 

The value of these cards are transferred to your PlayStation wallet and it will let you download games, music, movies, and more. If you’re the type who doesn’t want to keep a bunch of game CDs, these cards are for you. PlayStation will send you emails to confirm the transfer and notify you how much money you have left. The value cards also varies: $10 $20 $30, and $50. If you need a higher amount more then buy a couple of them. Some of my friends prefer downloading games on the store because they cost less as compared to CDs, but I’d rather collect CDs. 

Since we have a slow internernet conmection, we just buy CDs at Datablitz, SM Marikina branch. Moreover, the reason why I prefer buying CDs is because of the posters and other freebies they have. Datablitz is a gaming store where you can buy cards, games, and other console parts. 

My brother and I puchase cards not for downloading games, but for getting gems in an online game called Smite. The game is free in the PlayStation store, but if you need extra features, you have to buy gems. The gems can unlock additional characters, voices, themes, and outfits. My brother started playing it 2 months ago and now he’s totally addicted to it. Good thing that he’s on vacation because our parents are strict and only let us play if there’s no school or any other important things to finish. 

As for me, I save half of my total allowance (1000 per week) to get a game. Sometimes, the two of us will split the cost to be able to buy a game. Playing is our bonding moment and it’s okay to spend money because this is the only hobby we both share. Our parents don’t bother with it; after all,  they’re the ones who bought us the PS4 and we have the right to play on weekends or on vacation in a condition that our grades will not be affected. 

Anyway, PS4 is useless if you don’t have games. There may be free games, but they are limited. If you want to access new games, you have to invest for it. Waste of money? It depends on your perspective? Nongamers will probably say we’re wasting money, but hey it’s the experience and good time we’re paying for.