Langhap-Sarap Maging Pinoy: Meet The Philippine’s Most Iconic Bee

Did you ever look at someone so beautiful that you started falling in love? 

Well, let’s just be happy he didn’t break his neck. 

Jollibee is everyone’s childhood friend. It is known for its “Langhap Sarap” tagline and I think their food never fails to stimulate your appetite by only smelling it. This may just be my favorite fast food chain since I was kid. Dining here gives me a wave of nostalgia, so bringing my brother here made me feel like passing a part of my childhood. He was so entertained with Jollibee’s statue that time. I don’t know if that smile threatened him at first or gave him a warm greeting.  But I do give my bet on the latter part because he is quite fond of the Jollibee stuffed toy mom bought for him. 

They are the best of friends now. I hope he will enjoy his childhood and have a memorable one with Jollibee and his future friends. 


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