Gotta Love the Eyptians, Gotta Love Nail Polish


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Did you know?

It was the Egyptians who started all this nail polish craze. Since 2300 BC, they have been manicuring themselves in order to show their social status. A royalty uses black and red for their nails. For them, red is a color for Egyptians belonging to highest class. Cleopatra herself used deep red for her nails whereas Queen Nefertiti chose a flashier ruby shade. [Can’t beat red so go get a darker shade of red.] But now, even an ordinary person can make use of the color red if he/she wants to. Not to mention having different shades and an art design in each nails. With the latest fashion trends and get-ups, it would be a bummer to exclude your nails with your OOTDs. We can say that we have truly surpassed the Egyptians when it comes to manicuring.

How to study without getting stressed out? Studying while having a foot spa and pedicure, of course! But, really, it’s an excuse for me to find a motivation to study. A nail salon named Sassy Gee opened in front of our house recently. I don’t usually have the time to paint the nails of my toes; and to think that there are exams to review for, it’s really inappropriate for me to do so. But thanks to this salon, I was able to. I brough my books and went out there one afternoon. Summer days aren’t really my kind of days and I really appreciated how good their air conditioning was as soon as I entered the salon. Their cute pink sofas and wallpaper also took my attention. The staffs were also friendly and have a good humour. I liked how gentle they handled my feet while keeing me company. They made me comfortable and relaxed and, suddenly, I forgot my book next to me. 

Yeah, right, exams!

After soaking my feet under a tub of warm water, I began to scan my book while they massage my feet. The feeling was realxing and good. As for the manicure, I don’t think it was done well. They staff applied thickly that it came out as smudgy. It doesn’t look clean and my mother was also disappointed with how it turned out. Nevertheless, the spa was unwinding. Maybe I’ll go back for a foot spa, but not for a manicure. 



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