All Hail for Italy’s Tastiest Treasure

image source:×366.jpg

What does it take to please a Queen? Is it her gold jewelries; her elegant dresses; or a majestic King beside her? Well, in the case of Italy, it only took some tomatoes, mozarella, and bazil. It was on June 11, 1889 when the Neapolitan pizzamaker Rafaelle Esposito offered the Queen cosort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, his artーpizza. He named it after her, “Pizza Margherita,” and the garnishes on the said pizza symbolize the national colors used in their flag. In addition, Esposito’s shop is located in Port Alba and is known as the first pizza shop in the world. The shop is still there today, enjoyed by everyone and not just by her Majesty. Years passed and pizzerias are literally everywhere now, serving various kinds of pizza. And if you’re still haven’t gotten over the pizza craze, this one pizza shop might just be right for you and your big stomach. 

If my friends and I had to name a pizzeria with a good bargain on our budget yet gives a very satisfying pizza expirience, Domino’s Pizza would be no doubt the final answer. This place never fails to fill our tummies up while keeping our wallets intact; no sudden wallet blackholes nor a fly coming out in haste, but just an affordable pizza treat. And it has to be on a Tuesday. Why?

That’s why.

 Our group’s favorite is their American Bacon Cheeseburger and Hawaiian. And what’s good is that we ordered only 2 but got 4 boxes in return. Now that’s a deal, most especially to us students (and heavy pizza eaters.) 

This is really our favorite pizza parlor around the campus. The pizzas are cheap, but the servce isn’t. 


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