Go back to England’s Elizabethan Era for a pet groom? Nah, thanks!

Did you know?

The earliest evidence towards pet grooming can be traced back to Elizabethan era. Some lithographs show pets that are cleaned, well-tamed, and well-groomed. Come the 17th century, France treated poodles as dog at court and the era of King Louis XV gave rise to the the very first dog parlor. Time passes and this practice eventually became a craze among dog owners that the demand for pet parlors had multiplied to thousands across the globe. Now, kings and queens are not the only once who get to experience this kind of service.

Meet my cute Shih Tzu dog, Milku

Any Shih Tzu owner would be concerned with their pet’s condition during hot days. And Philippines isn’t that friendly when it comes to giving away heat waves. Given Milku’s playful character, she would always run around the house or wrestle with my other dog, Choco. Her hair always end up tangled and dirty to the point that you’ll think twice whether the thing in front of you is a dog or a dirty rag.

We had these two lovely dogs last December 2016 and we consider them as part of the family. We make sure we give them the right care and benefit the deserve. And one of those is grooming.

Mom would always joke about how costly the haircut of our dog is compared to hers. Around our subdivision, there is a veterinary clinic and grooming center called Man’s Best Friend. We are one of their regular customers. The employees are cheerful and gentle with the pets they service and so far, we haven’t encountered any problems with the way they take care of our dogs. They will always come home fresh, clean, and fragrant. The whole haircut and nail trim service costs Php700.  It may be pricey than your typical hair salon, but the trust and benefit is guaranteed.

Some grooming salons had been a talk around the social media, pet owners posting about how bad the service is because their dogs got hurt. But with this salon, we are free from worry and doubts even though we need to pay some extra. The most important thing is, our dogs will be able to go home safe, clean, and happy.

Just look at that smile! 10/10

To wrap it up, Man’s Best Friend gives the service we are looking for in a pet salon. We also appreciate their location, so we do not actually have to wait in the store for them to finish the service. We usually leave the dogs in their care and they wait for them to call for pick-up.

The only problem we usually encounter here is when Choco would continuously bark at the newly-trimmed Milku, thinking we got a new dog but hey it’s just your regular, cuddly Milku!


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