Burgoo Go Go Experience an American Fine Dining

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No need for a VISA, the taste of America is just around the corner. Burgoo is an American-inspired restaurant, its name originating from a stew dish from Kentucky, USA. And staying consistent to their name, the kind of service you’ll encounter is American-style customer service. The food choices are, of course, high quality American dishes. Fancying a decent meal? This is the right place for you. The prices are not suited for a regular, jobless student like me, so as always, I’m thankful for my parents who got tired of eating fast food meals that day and decided to treat us some fancy food.


What’s good is that you’ll never get bored with waiting for your food because the table covers are papers. Each tables have crayons and feel free to doodle on it. But honestly, the wait is longer than your usual fast food chains. Maybe that’s the reason why I drew a hungry, savage Spongebob. Had they not use this drawing idea, then the wait would definitely be a pain.

Many people think of the restaurant as an international franchise, but don’t be fooled because this is a hundred percent Filipino-owned. And I must say, the staff are nice and accommodating. They answer the needs of their guests and are always smiling. We ate at the branch located at SM Marikina. The place is not that big, but it is clean and has a good ambiance. The food, although costly, have large servings. We only ordered salad, pasta, and shrimp ribs platter, but we never thought it was too much for us. In the end, we have them as take-out and went home satisfied.


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