A Toast for the Greeks: A Tour Around Marikina Food Carnival


Did you know?

Carnival is not just about the fun, food, and games we currently know. It was originally a Greek spring festival in honor of the god of wine, Dionysus. The Romans adopted the same tradition to honor Saturnalia and the Roman god of wine, Bacchus. During this festivity, master and slaves trade clothes among themselves. In celebration of the beginning of the Lenten Season, the Roman Catholic Church later modified the feast introduced by the Romans,until it evolved to what we have now: a festive place dedicated for entertainment, food, drink, music, dance, and anything pleasing to the eyes of the people looking for something interesting.


Eat. Chill. Enjoy. Gone are the days when a single food stall dominates a city. And if you’re still worrying what’s for dinner, Marikina City Carnival Food Park is definitely the answer. With the number of food they offer, varying from appetizers down to desserts, don’t even think of going there with a full stomach.

The prices differ from stall to stall. Mostly, the range is from Php99 to Php250. Feel like eating pasta? Chicken? Pizza? Steak? Or something light, like cotton candy? They got it all for you. The place is 1,600+ square meters with over 26 stalls to choose from. KTV room with air-conditioning can also be found upstairs. And here’s more, the dazzling, playful view of the lights will make you feel like going back to your childhood days.


Just a tip in going there, it would be wise to go in the early noon when there is not much people going. Though night time is the best time to go to the carnival. It is the time when you can really enjoy and appreciate the setting of the food park. Not much tables are available. Estimating it, the place could cater at maximum of 250 people. The place turns into a sort of market place during the holidays and vacations.


It was raining when my friends and I went there. But no weather can stop a hungry stomach, so we carried on with the tour around the food park.

For starters, they ordered the Spam fries with ketchup, mayo, and custard dips and the cheesy fries topped with mushrooms and bacon bits. The two cost Php 150 each.

As for me, I ordered a sushi roll for Sushirrito. I bought the vegetable curry, and it did not disappoint me. It’s really good and a good food concept, especially to those who likes curry. The people guarding the stall were very friendly and they showed to me how the sushi roll looks like when I was ordering, so as to let me know what to expect with their product.

My friends ordered BBQs, burger, and chickens. To save money, we bought the most popular huge drink available. We only get to speng Ph20 each pitcher, and viola! Thirst is solved.


I would definitely visit this place. Not only it’s near to where I live (hooray for Marikeños) and the food are all worth trying for. With the kind staff and a good ambiance, it was a good experience. But I would suggest you go on a regular day to save yourself a nice spot.


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